Global Win-Win Cooperation: V&T Partner Association Established

Global Win-Win Cooperation: V&T Partner Association Established

On November 16, 2017, the signing ceremony of V&T Law Firm and Orientconsulting Law & Tax Firm was held in V&T’s Shenzhen Office, the ceremony symbolizes that “V&T Partner” global alliance for legal cooperation has been officially established. Mr. Javier Junquera Rodriguez, President of the Orientconsulting Group, Mr. Li Zhi, Vice President of the Orientconsulting Group, Ms. Zhu Xiaodan, Director of the International Department of the Orientconsulting Group, Mr. Zhang Zhi, Director of the Management Committee of V&T Law Firm, Mr. Lv Huijie, Partner of V&T Shenzhen Office, Mr. Liang Hua and Mr. Chen Tong, Executive Committee Members of V&T Shenzhen Office, Ms. Zeng Lixuan and Mr. Wang Zhe, Partners of V&T Shanghai Office, Ms. Li Yan, General Manager of V&T Management Consultants Ltd., Ms. Wu Jing, Marketing and Brand Operations Director, Mr. Hu Xian, Head of the Research Department of DS Legal Capital, and Mr. Yang Fan, the Founder and CEO of LEX attended the meeting and the signing ceremony.


Mr. Zhang Zhi welcomes the three guests from the Orientconsulting Group on behalf of V&T Law Firm, V&T Management Consultants Ltd. and DS Legal Capital. The two parties then watched the documentary of the 20th Anniversary of V&T Law Firm together. Mr. Javier Junquera Rodriguez gives a brief introduction of the Orientconsulting Group, in terms of its history and achievements, the Group has a number of subsidiaries, including Orientconsulting Law & Tax Firm, Orient Administrative Office, OC&ASOCIADOS CONSULTORES EMPRESARIALS, Orient Media,  INVESTXI SPANISH TRUST INVESTMENT, Orient Foundation, Sino-Spanish Agency. Orientconsulting Law & Tax Firm has established for 15 years and is the first professional institution to provide comprehensive legal and tax services to the local Chinese community in Spain. Orientconsulting is committed to build a bridge between China and Spain in cultural and economic fields and to establish a long-term effective channel for business cooperation.

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Firstly, the two parties have had a brief and fruitful meeting, Mr. Zhang Zhi gives an introduction on the positioning of V&T Law Firm: To become a leading law firm in China; To provide comprehensive legal services to clients; To make positive contributions to develop a Rule of Law Society in China. In the exploration of law firm management method and reform, V&T has adopted an innovative business model —— “Firm (V&T Law Firm) + Management(V&T Management Consultants Ltd.) + Capital (DS Legal Capital)”, under the guidance of “One Platform, Two-Wheel Drive”, V&T certainly will show a positive development in the near future. In the aspect of cooperation, with an open and positive concept, V&T has initiated and established V&T Partner Association, inviting law firms from major cities around the world to join in the Association and forming a worldwide V&T legal service network, the foreign institutions that in negotiations are from Madrid, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Singapore, Stockholm, Berlin, London etc. The ultimate goal of the alliances is to deepen understanding through collaborations and to set up V&T’s overseas offices through mergers and acquisitions of domestic institutions.

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At 6pm, the signing ceremony of V&T Partner Association officially began, Mr. Javier Junquera Rodriguez, Mr. Zhang Zhi and Ms. Li Yan jointly signed the cooperation agreements on behalf of the Orientconsulting Group, V&T Law Firm and V&T Management Consultants Ltd., V&T Partner Association has officially established, Orientconsulting Law & Tax Firm was admitted as the first member of the Association and received the certificate of membership. “We are thrilled to welcome Orientconsulting to the V&T Partner family.” said Mr. Zhang Zhi, President of the Association. The signing ceremony successfully ended under the witness and congratulations from all participants.



The establishment of V&T Partner global legal service alliance will strengthen cooperation and communication between V&T and the members of the Association, provide global and localized services to Chinese clients, and create opportunities for members of the Association to participate in China’s development, and for the future of further win-win cooperation.